Privacy policy and treatment of personal data

Update: September 30, 2023

1. Our Commitment
Paradise Club values the safeguarding of your personal information. Our emphasis is on European data protection standards, leveraging tools such as CRM, storage solutions, email services, and voting systems. We prioritize European service providers or those compliant with European data protection standards.

2. Your Rights

  • Obtain a copy of your personal data held by us.
  • Seek deletion of your data.
  • Confidentiality assured: Only internal use of your data.
  • Staff and contractors sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Data sharing: Limited to fulfilling service requirements or legal obligations.

3. Data Collection

  • Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • Unselected Projects: Submitting your proposal gives us permission to gather details like:
  • Personal Info: Full name.
  • Contact: Email, phone, address.
  • Project Details: Pitch deck, business outline, funding details, and more.
  • Selected Projects: Additional data includes funding details and shareholder information.
  • Portfolio Projects: Collection extends to sales details, shareholder list, financial and legal documentation.
  • Note: Data retention is 5 years from collection or last contact.
  • Investors and Club Members
  • Non-investor Members: By joining, you consent to the collection of:
  • Personal Info: Full name.
  • Contact: Email, phone, address.
  • Investment Actions: Project interactions, investments, and preferences.
  • Subscribed Members: Further data includes:
  • Extended Personal Info: Birth details, marital status.
  • Identification Documents.
  • Investment Details: Amounts, platform interactions, and more.
  • Note: Data is held during your investment period with Paradise Club and up to 5 years post-relationship.

4. Data Processing RightsYour rights include access, rectification, limitations on processing, erasure, objections, consent withdrawal, and data portability. If unsatisfied, you can approach the CNIL in France.

5. Ensuring SecurityYour data's security is a priority for Paradise Club. We've taken steps to reduce risks like data breaches. While ensuring full security is challenging, any data breaches will be communicated promptly.

6. Third-party SitesLinks to other websites may appear on Paradise Club. We don't control their content or privacy measures. We advise reviewing their privacy standards before navigating their sites.

Legal information

Update: September 30, 2023

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Paradise Club oversees the publication. Reach out at A legal entity manages the publication.

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